New Website

Welcome to the new Indivisible Upper East Side Website!  We're excited that you've found us and are looking to contribute to our efforts in resisting the Trump administration and advancing social progress.

Our website hosts a number of resources to help you better connect with your neighbors on the Upper East Side.  These include the following:

  • The News Feed (which you're looking at right now).  Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming meetings and Actions.
  • An announcement mailing list.  Don't want to keep coming to the website for updates?  Just hit the Join link and we'll add you to our Announcement Mailing List.
  • Our Events Calendar.  Want to come to a meeting?  Attend an action?  This is where you'll see what's coming up for Indivisible Upper East Side.

Questions/feedback on the new site are welcome.  Any such comments can be sent to