Actions for Week of December 10, 2018

Monday, Dec. 10, 2018
Submit Comment to Fight Green-Card Limitations
This is the last day to submit a comment on the Department of Homeland Security's proposal to drastically limit the number of immigrants who can obtain green cards.  According to the proposal, working documented immigrants who take advantage of benefits for which they are eligible -- such as Medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers, and Medicare drug assistance -- would no longer be eligible to apply for legal permanent status. Click here to submit your comment -- remember, it's best to personalize your message as much as possible.

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018
Prep for Indivisible UES Monthly Meeting on Thursday
Before you come to Thursday's meeting, make sure you know what's going on with Indivisible's national strategy, including the countrywide day of action planned for Jan. 3, 2019. We will be discussing our specific plans for January 3 on Thursday.

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018
Postcard Party for Special Elections
209 E. 56th Street, Apt. 6B
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Join Rise and Resist and Postcards to Voters to help turn MORE districts across the country blue. You'll be sending friendly, handwritten reminders to targeted voters to help give Democrats a winning edge in close, key races across the country. All supplies will be provided. Likely focus will be Virginia State House.

Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018
Indivisible UES Monthly Meeting
Unitarian Church of All Souls
80th and Lex
7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Steve Barton, Senator Schumer's director of intergovernmental relations, will be our guest speaker. He will speak at the beginning of the meeting, so please arrive in a timely fashion. We will also be signing up participants for Indivisible's National Day of Action on January 3, among other activities.

Friday, Dec. 14, 2018
Sign Up for Potential Mueller-Related Rapid-Response Protest
Click here or here
From the organizers: "The NYC Trump Is Not Above the Law Coalition stands ready to defend the rule of law. Together, we joined nearly 500 demonstrations nationwide on November 8th, 2018, marching from Times Square to Union Square to challenge Matthew Whitaker’s appointment and raise awareness of this President’s challenge to the Constitution. Now, we stand ready to march again if red lines are crossed." Please note that the date in this event listing is a placeholder; this plan will only be activated when breaking news demands it.

- Weekly newsletter #92 written by Wendy Brandes, executive committee, Indivisible Upper East Side