Actions for Week of Feb. 26, 2018

Please note that Indivisible Upper East Side's next monthly meeting is NEXT Thursday, March 8, from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Also, March 24 is the March for Our Lives gun-violence protest. We are looking into bus and carpool options for those who want to go to the march in D.C. , and we will coordinate a meet-up time for people who want to join a sister march in NYC. Click here to sign up for either DC or NYC.

Other actions for this week:

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Pizza and Resistance
121 6th Avenue, 6th floor, between Broome and Watts
Pizza at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting from 7:00-8:30

Carb-loving activist group Bagels and Resistance is switching it up and having a pizza night. Join them for a slice while organizing events and fundraisers in the following areas:

  • NY4US
  • Team4NC (in support of progressive candidates in North Carolina)
  • Immigration 
  • Health Care 

No RSVP is necessary, but a few dollars towards the pizza would be welcome!

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Join the "Let NY Vote" Call-In Day

New York State has one of the worst voter turnouts in the nation: In 2016, we were 41st. This is partly because the state makes voting so difficult. Governor Cuomo has put $7 million in his budget for early voting. Now the state assembly and senate have to pass it. Let NY Vote has chosen today to flood our state representatives with calls in support of the voting initiative. Click here to verify the names of your elected officials and here for phone numbers and a script.  (If you're on the Upper East Side, Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright and Senator Liz Krueger are already in favor of early voting, so adjust the script to thank them for their support.)

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
Fight for Gun Control
Last week's gun-control-themed newsletter included recommended reading and watching, plus easy actions to do from home or work. If you didn't do these, it's not too late.  (If you already took these actions, get at least one person you know "in real life" to do them this week and then share them on social media.)

Thursday, March 1, 2018
Manhattan Democratic Party Rules Committee Meeting

140 Broadway, between Liberty and Cedar Streets
6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Concerned about the local Democratic party? The rules committee will be discussing proposals to make the Manhattan Democrats more transparent, including a ban on lobbyists serving as leader. Only committee members will be able to participate. but the meeting is open to the public and may offer valuable insight into reform issues.

Friday, March 2, 2018
Use ResistBot ... for Any Issue
Text RESIST to 50409 and send a message to your U.S. senators or representative, or to Governor Cuomo, about anything that's on your mind today. Anything at all!

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Working Families Party Campaign School
25 W. 18th St., between 5th and 6th Avenues
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

From the event's Facebook page: "If the WFP has a specialty, its field organizing: the work that goes into persuading and turning out voters. Now we want every activist to be armed with the knowledge & skills we've developed over the past 20 years of running high-level field campaigns. (In fact, our success in 2018 depends on it!)"  Register here.

Disclaimer: By choosing to attend any events listed herein, I acknowledge the risks involved, and that I agree to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law. During some events, acts of civil disobedience may be initiated by individual participants.  I acknowledge and agree that Indivisible Upper East Side is not responsible for any such acts of individual participants which are unlawful, nor is Indivisible Upper East Side soliciting my participation in any such activity. I agree that I am solely responsible for any decision to participate in any acts of civil disobedience and any consequences, legal or otherwise, that may result from that decision.